How can I change the display order of albums or sub-albums?

The information below describes how to change the automatic ordering of photos. You can also change the order of your photos by moving them or sorting them by using the Sort Order command. More info on sorting here.

Albums and sub-albums respond to the same rule of order that you can change in the side menu.

Within your albums, choose Organize and Display Settings:

Choose one of these Display Settings and tap the green Save button:

  • Album Name:  Sort albums by reverse alphabetical order and numerical albums will be last.
  • Album Name Descending:  Sort by alphabetical order with numbered albums first.
  • Creation Date:  Oldest albums first
  • Creation Date Descending:  Newest albums first

The Creation Date is established by the date and time that you created the album. The creation date cannot be changed.

The Creation Date (descending) is the most popular and logical display setting because we are usually most interested in our most recent albums. This also makes sense for newspapers and professional photographers because the most recent photos tend to sell best. 

Sub-Albums also respond to whatever rule you have established for your account's Display Settings. However, this means that, if you have established Creation Date Descending for your albums, your sub-album will also appear in the order in which they were created. If you want sub-albums in a particular order and you are using Creation Date Descending, create the last album first and the first album last. Alternatively, if you are happy with a random creation date order, you can rename sub-albums with a numeric (for instance, 1 to 10) or alphabetic order by clicking in each sub-album and choosing Album Settings from the Organize bar on the left.

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