It can be helpful to have an album cover for a group of sub-albums. For instance, you might want to create a graphic called "Photography Portfolio" that is the album cover for a group of sub-albums. Here's how to create an album cover:

  1. Choose a favorite landscape photo or use a blank like the ones attached to this question. You can upload the attached blanks to one of your dotphoto albums.
  2. Using the dotphoto editor, re-size the  height of the photo 209.
  3. Crop the photo to 226 x 209.
  4. Using the dotphoto editor, add text to the photo to identify the purpose of the album. For instance: "Photography Portfolio"
  5. If you have more than one photo in the album, make the album cover the first photo in your album. In the dotphoto commands, choose Organize / Sort album / Manual Drag-and-Drop Rearrange.