Custom Pillowcase 20x30

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If you don't see the green Create button, first choose a photo by entering any album, and tapping the Check Box under the picture you are choosing.

Create decor that delights with our custom pillowcases! Customize your dream space with picture-perfect moments captured on a comfortable cotton-poly blend. Make a batch to match sleeping bags for your camping trip, or rest your head on the words of your favorite mantra. Makes a great gift for all ages!

Product Details

  • Machine-washable, cotton-poly blend
  • Customizable front, back is white
  • Personalize with designs, fonts, and embellishments
  • Pillow insert not included

Printing Tips

  • Use the dotphoto editing tool to add frames, text, effects, drawings, and stickers, and to crop precisely before printing.
  • 20 x 30 inches is the official size, but they stretch. We measure a printed pillow case at about 30 x 21.5.
  • The current print ratio of 1.455
  • Best resolution: 6000 x 4125
  • Acceptable resolution: 4000 x 2750

How to Make a Pillow Case

1. Select the picture you want to print on a pillow case by tapping the select box underneath the thumbnail:

2. Tap the Shop menu on top, and either tap Pillow Case under Kitchen & Housewares, or search for Pillow and then tap Pillow Case

3. Tap the green Create button, and crop the image by dragging the corners of the cropping tool. Tap the green Save button when you are finished. You're ready to check out.

Want a collage? Create hundreds of collages at fotor then upload your collage to dotphoto for printing.