What are the benefits of dotphoto and a dotphoto Frame?

dotphoto Frame shares photos almost immediately with distant relatives and friends. To see your photos and videos, no one needs to sign in or search; your photos magically appear on the dotphoto Frame – the very same photos and videos that you see in your dotphoto album.

With dotphoto and a dotphoto Frame, you can personally broadcast to multiple frames anywhere. It’s great for nursing homes, college dorms, and even offices where you might want to publish alerts or updates on a common screen.

With typical digital photo frames, most photos are never changed. Sure, you can change them, but somehow you never get around to gathering more photos, saving them on a memory stick, taking the stick to the digital frame and copying the photos. With a dotphoto Frame, updating the photo and video collection is as simple as copying an image into an album. Your dotphoto album matches your dotphoto Frame – and you can manage as many as 10 dotphoto screens in a dotphoto Club account.