The dotphoto 12 and 18 month calendars in the shop are fast and convenient. However, if you want a highly customized calendar with photos on individual dates, special events, different backgrounds, stickers, grids, and more, download our free Photobook and Calendar software here:

Working with the downloaded software enables you to have greater flexibility with fast, powerful software running on your computer or tablet.

To set up events on any calendar, follow these instructions.

1. Right-click on calendar area and choose Product Properties.

2. Turn on Personal entries and choose Edit
Note that you can also choose the Start Month and Start Year in the Product Properties.

3. Add dates and photos to your calendars.

The dates that you save will appear in all the calendars that you make. When you've added a description, date, photo, and checked off "Annual," tap OK. to finish.

Note that the the Date column is a European format with the day first: in the example below, the calendar shows April 3, but the Date column records 3/4/18;  for most Americans, the month is first.

Also note: Add the name first; the photo option appears only after you add the name.  For instance, "Susie's Birthday"

Calendar Preview

This preview of a Classic Wall Calendar shows photo dates in the calendar.