When a photo element like to the top of someone's head is next to the edge of a photo, it may be partially cut off in printing. Printing is a high-speed, chemical-mechanical process that requires some tolerance at the margins of the photo. To ensure that the complete photo is printed, add a 1/4" margin to edge of photos when an important photo element is at the edge of the photo.

Terminology alert: when editing a photo, the "canvas" is the rectangular space that a photo sits on. The "canvas" can be defined by inches or pixels. For instance, 4" x 6" or 800 x 1200. (dotphoto also prints photos on physical "canvas" like the kind of canvas used by painters.)

To add a border to your photo:

  • Tap the image, and choose the pencil icon from the upper left to launch the photo editor
  • Choose Image from the top menu, and choose Canvas Size.
  • Change the size (maximum is 6000 on one side). In this example, you might choose 3900 and 5700.
  • Tap the OK button.
  • From the top File menu, choose Save to save your edited photo. You will retain your original photo, and you will see the edited photo next to it. Print the edited photo.