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FTP was created for the Internet in 1971 and is rarely used by dotphoto customers today.

This FAQ covers only desktop FTP options.  For iPhone FTP, please click here.  For Android FTP, please click here.

NOTE: Your firewall may interfere with FTP operation. Windows Firewall for FTP:

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the many ways to upload photos to dotPhoto.  Professional photographers, newspapers, and users with many files sometimes prefer FTP, but it is more complicated than most other upload tools.

The FTP upload requires a client-side application that communicates with the FTP server.  You may use your own FTP client, but here are applications for Macintosh and Windows that we have tested:

Apple Macintosh FTP

Most dotPhoto users with Macintosh prefer Fetch FTP software available here:   It's free to try and $29 to buy.

Fill out the New Connection dialog as follows:
Username: (your dotPhoto User Name)
Password: (your dotPhoto Password)

Windows FTP

We recommend WinSCP, which is available under a free license here:

After you install WinSCP, (1) choose the FTP file protocol (2) enter "" as the host (3) enter your dotPhoto user name (4) enter your dotPhoto password and (5) click the Login button.  You can also click the Save button so you do not have to enter this information every time.


Renaming your FTP Album

After logging in with your FTP client, copy your files to dotPhoto.  dotPhoto creates a new album called FTP Upload, which you can rename in dotPhoto by clicking on the Organize button on the left and then choosing Album Settings. It may take a few moments for the new FTP Upload album to appear in your list, and you may need to refresh your browser to see the new album. If you have not renamed an old FTP album with the same name, your photos will appear in the old FTP Upload album.

How can I watermark FTP photos?

Login with "wm3-" and your user name.  For instance:  wm3-johnson    The "3" in "wm3" indicates a large watermark; "wm2" would be a medium size and "wm1" would be small.  If the image has already been uploaded without a watermark, it will not be replaced so you will need to delete it first or upload it with a different name.  (dotPhoto recognizes photos of the same characteristics and name, and does not replace the original.)