There are two ways for multiple people to upload to the same account:
  1. Create an account and share the login and password among your friends.  However, if you and your friends have a falling out, one person may change the password and lock the others out of the account.
    Set up a dotPhoto album in your account that allows guest uploads.  In any album, choose OrganizeAlbum Settings, click on Allow Guest Uploads, and Save. This will enable your friends to upload to only that album, but they will not be able to delete photos.  As the "owner" of the album, you will control which photos remain and which are edited.

Share the Guest Upload link

  1. From within your album, tap the Share button in the upper left.
  2. Copy the Share link; paste it into an email and send it to your friends.
  3. When your friends access that link, they will see the Upload button that will enable them to upload photos to that album.