To share an album or all albums

From the main album or any album page, tap Share in the upper left.

To share a single photo

Go to the photo and tap the share icon:

Sharing video

The wonderful thing about sharing your photos from dotPhoto is that you have one place where you can upload, organize and edit your photos, and – after creating the story you want to tell – you can share your photos as you like – through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, discussion boards, and many other sharing services. dotPhoto will send your albums, slideshows or individual images wherever on the web that you meet your friends.  

See the video above for a 3-minute demonstration of dotPhoto's sharing options.

You can share photos or albums through emails, forums, web sites, Facebook or other popular sharing tools.

The easiest way to share is to choose a photo first: click on any album, and click on a photo.

Click on the Share button in the upper left corner.

You can share either the entire album starting with this photo OR the single photo.

The Share screen presents two options for either the album or the photo:

1. Copy a link


2. Share through a social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest or other network. 

Copying and Pasting a Link

Click on the copy button and paste the link into your email, online forum, Facebook post or web site.  If you copy a link, the button will change to the word Copied. Nothing else appears to happen, but you can now paste the link into your email or Facebook post or another online forum. Copying and pasting links is one of the fastest ways to share. The shortcut for pasting in Windows is CTRL-V. To paste in Mac: Command-V. When you are finished sharing, click on the Finished Sharing button at the bottom of the screen.

Direct Sharing with Menu Buttons

Click on the icon (for instance, the blue Facebook icon), login (if necessary) to the sharing site, and share. The link should already be in your social media tool.

In Facebook, you can add a commentary about your photo or album before you choose the Post to Facebook button.

Sharing a book made with the dotphoto desktop book software

The dotphoto book software is designed to print books, not to share virtual copies. However, some people want to share content prior to ordering their books.

If you want to share a dotphoto book prior to publication, it is easier to share your sign-in and password with a relative or friend in the online version of the software because all of the book content is on the web. NOTE: sharing your sign-in and password will enable anyone to make changes or delete your book, so be careful with whom you share. If your friends delete or change your content, we cannot restore it.

To share the files from your desktop dotphoto book builder:
Save your files.

Send the MCF folder of photos and the design file to your friend.

Your friend will need to download the dotphotobook software from in order to read these files.


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