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There’s no place like your home! Create a gorgeous gallery on any wall with photo wrapped canvas stretched over an internal frame that hangs easily on your walls.

Product Details

  • Printed on premium satin canvas
  • Lightweight, arrives ready to hang
  • Includes a hanger that can be attached to any side of the frame.
  • Photo wrap offers unique, modern look

Don't forget the wrap!

The red line shows the approximate front of the print for an 11x14 wrapped canvas. Leave about 2.25" around all sides to provide canvas that will wrap around the wooden frame.

Printing Tips

  • Use the dotphoto editing tool to add frames, text, effects, drawings, and stickers, and to crop precisely before printing.
  • The "photo wrap" wraps 1 3/8" of the photo around the side and another 7/8" on the back of the frame.
  • The total "wrap" around the side is 2.25" on every side. Leave at least 2.25" on each side of a person's head so that it is not wrapped around the frame.


  • 8x10 inches (10.25x12.25 including the wrapped frame) The ratio is 1.20
  • Best resolution: 3675 x 3075
  • Acceptable resolution: 2450 x 2050
  • Do not add a drawing of a "frame" in the dotphoto editor for photo wrapped frames because the printed frame element will be wrapped around the side of the physical frame.

A picture showing a framing element added in dotphoto's editor
(a bad idea for a canvas wrap)

Want a collage? Create hundreds of collages at fotor then upload your collage to dotphoto for printing.