How can I add text to a photo?

Let's say you want to add a label to this photo before you print it as a square throw pillow.

TEXT TIP: If you want your text to be readable, make sure that it has high contrast -- that is, black text on a light background or white text on a dark background. You may also want an identifying marking, but you may not want the text to stand out; in that case, choose colors with less contrast so that the text does not call attention to itself.

Start by tapping the Edit icon (the pencil) in the upper left corner to enter edit mode.

Choose the Text icon to add text:

Enter text in the text box that appears. Choose the text style with the down arrow, and choose the color of the text:

Drag the text box by the corner to where you want the text.

You can rotate the box, and make it larger and smaller. Tap the X to remove the box:

When you're ready, tap on another part of the photo to set the text. You can grab the text box again by tapping on the text

To add another text box, tap the Add Text button.

When you're ready, tap Apply, Save, and Save as a New File so that you do not over-write your original file.